5 Unknown Facts About Strawberries

No fruit screams “summer” as much as the strawberry.  Many have fond memories of picking strawberries from their mother’s garden, or perhaps biting into a perfectly ripe, juicy strawberry topped with sweetened cream in their youth.  Often this berry pairs its delicious flavor with a heavy dose of nostalgia of summers past.
But, whether you’re eating them for taste or out of nostalgia, there’s no doubt that they have much to offer. Freedom Home Care  has discovered a few facts about strawberries that you probably didn’t know.
1. The strawberry isn’t a fruit or berry.  
We’ve all been mislabeling it since its discovery. It’s actually a member of the rose family, with the strawberry being a flower receptacle.
2. They are packed with vitamin C.  
You may think of oranges when you think of vitamin C, but strawberries have them beat.  A single serving, only 8 strawberries, has more of this immune-boosting vitamin than those favorites of the citrus family.
3. They help burn fat.  
If you’re looking to drop a few pounds this summer, have a few extra strawberries at snack time. The red coloring of strawberries contains anthocyanins, which, according to recent studies, burns stored fat. Not only that, anthocyanins also boost short term memory up to 100% in 8 weeks of regular consumption.
4. Strawberries boost bone health.  
Stuffed with nutrition, these fruits contain vitamin K, potassium, and magnesium – all important nutrients for bone health. Have a glass of milk with your sweet treat and you’ve got a solid recipe for stronger bones.
5. Strawberries aren’t for everyone.  
Not only are strawberries full of nutrition, they contain some elements that can be dangerous for certain seniors. Oxalates, which are found in strawberries, can crystalize in humans when large amounts are consumed.  This can be especially dangerous for those who have gallbladder or kidney dysfunction.
Also, some people are especially sensitive to strawberries and may have allergic reactions if they eat them. So, always let someone know if a dish you prepared contains strawberries.
This summer, if you want a little nostalgia and a lot of nutrition, strawberries are the snack of choice.  They will keep you smiling and strong all summer long.
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