Scientists Find New Link Between Vitamin D and Dementia

vitamin dIn a previous blog post titled, “The ABC’s of Vitamin D” we mentioned the importance of including Vitamin D in a senior’s diet.  We talked about how it is a necessary component in the process of keeping bones strong and healthy.  Well, scientists have now found yet another reason to keep vitamin D levels high: it significantly lowers the risk of dementia.
Researchers have been thoroughly studying dementia and its causes and progress for years.  One study in particular looked for a connection between seniors who didn’t have sufficient levels of vitamin D in their bodies and their risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.  The scientists predicted that they would find some correlation, even if it wasn’t significant.  But they found much more than what they were looking for.
The study indicated that seniors who regularly got the recommended levels of vitamin D in their bodies were over 50% less likely to be later diagnosed with dementia.  Those who had a significant deficiency in vitamin D had a 125% greater risk of developing dementia than those who had sufficient vitamin D levels.  These differences were much greater than anticipated.
The link between vitamin D and Alzheimer’s was more of the same.  Those who did not get enough vitamin D had a 70% greater chance of developing Alzheimer’s, while those who had a significant deficiency had a 120% greater chance.  No matter how the researchers accounted for other outside factors, the results were the same.
While this is just a single study, and more testing will need to be done, it strongly indicates that there is a significant link between getting the proper amount of vitamin D and staving off dementia.
To get adequate amounts of vitamin D, you can look to several sources.  The first is the sun.  We naturally produce vitamin D when the sunlight touches our skin.  However, if you are covered in clothing or not outside for long periods of time, there are other options.  You can also find vitamin D in fatty fish such as salmon and tuna, or in fortified dairy products such as milk and yogurt. There are also vitamin supplements you can take to make sure you are getting the proper amount.
However you choose to get your dose of vitamin D, make a promise to yourself to do so regularly.  It might just save your brain as well as your bones.
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