Making the Difficult Decision: In-Home Senior Care or Assisted Living?

senior at homeMaking the decision to remain at home or move to a senior care facility is a serious one.  Often, seniors don’t know where to start or what variables might come into play.  They become overwhelmed and choose to push the decision off until it is too late.  An illness, injury, or other emergency then may make the decision for them.
Instead of putting it off another day, make today the day when you start to gather all the information and put the pieces together to find what is right for you.  Or, if you are helping a loved one to make the decision, sit with them and help them weigh their options. Here are three main factors you should focus on and the questions you need to ask yourself.

  • Location.

Do you live somewhere that would require modifications to keep you at home?  Is there lawn care that will need to be taken care of?  Is driving a necessity in your area?  Are there medical facilities nearby? The condition and location of your home will play a huge part in whether it’s best to stay or go.

  • Support.

Do you have friends and family close by?  Would they be able to help you at a moment’s notice?  Are they able to help you as much as you would need?  Do you need an in-home senior care service like Freedom Home Care to help you with daily tasks?  Will you be able to see friends and family often enough so that you won’t feel isolated?
Having support is important for many reasons.  Not only would you need someone to help you in an emergency, but you may need help with your daily routine as well as socializing opportunities.

  • Health.

Do you have any conditions that may worsen over time?  Are you able to keep track of your medications?  Do you have trouble with mobility?
While medical conditions don’t automatically mean that you cannot live at home, they can factor greatly into your decision.  If you do choose to remain at home and have medical conditions, hiring a senior caregiver from Freedom Home Care to help you manage your health may be the perfect answer so you can remain in the comfort of your own home.
It’s never too early to start thinking about your future.  Take the time today to think about the best place for you to live, and make the most out of this serious decision.
Freedom Home Care’s senior home care services can mean the difference between living comfortably at home or running into a dangerous or unsafe situation. Learn more about our services on our website today or give us a call!