How Alzheimer’s Disease Affects Men and Women Differently

admin-ajaxAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau’s data the current life expectancy for women is 83 years, and 78 years for men. It is not yet known why women tend to live longer, but experts suggest a combination of factors like genetics and a general partiality of men for riskier behavior like smoking, drinking alcohol, or fighting can be factors in these statistical estimations. With many men and women living longer than ever before, it opens up a larger possibility for more people to develop age related disorders like Alzheimer’s.
Here at Freedom Home Care we like other care facilities have seen that the number of women in memory care centers is quite high, and tends to outnumber the male patients. However new studies recently looked at the increase in which men are being affected and moved into memory care facilities. The study also examines the experience of men in care communities and senior living facilities.
Analysis shows that in 2010 33% of those moving in to memory care communities were male. By 2014 the percentage had increase to 35%. Many factors are speculated to be attributed to the differences in men and women and their experience with Alzheimer’s.

  • Shrinking age gap – over the past years the life expectancy gap between men and women has narrowed making men’s lives a closer length to a woman’s.
  • Prevalent symptoms – woman and men may suffer from the same disorder but they tend to display their symptoms differently. Men are more likely to exhibit wandering tendencies and combative behavior.
  • Science backs up the theory – a study concludes that there are definitely more men currently living in memory care facilities than women.
  • Community living – men tend to shy away from community living as the population if very female dense. Also men tend to have more behavior problems.
  • Female caregivers – a very large portion of caregivers for those suffering with Alzheimer’s are women.

Alzheimer’s Disease is a devastating and mentally debilitating disorder than can completely change a person whether they are male or female. Freedom Home Care’s qualified care professionals assist men and women who suffer from age related disorders like Alzheimer’s from the comfort of their homes. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you or your loved one.