Retirees Could Benefit From a Futuristic Helper

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With today’s biggest news always revolving around easy to use smartphones or a computer built right into a stroller, it seems that technology is appealing even to toddlers these days. In fact, most preschoolers have mastered phones or tablets before their parents do, but with new advancements being made every day, it looks like technology isn’t just for youngsters anymore. Recent findings show that sometime in the next ten to twenty years, homebound retirees could the testers of a new personal home-help robot.
While it may see out of this world, or at least like something from the future, we here at Freedom Home Care know that the personal care robot could be closer than you think. The elderly population is expanding globally, and it’s estimated by the United Nations that people age of 65 and older will increase a whopping 181% between 2010 and 2050.
However, this isn’t the first news of an exploration into home-help robots. A European Union funded project has equipped some nursing homes with telepresence robots called Paro, a small and furry robotic seal. The robotic animal helps lonely residents by responding to petting with purring or cooing noises, and will cry if dropped or ignored. Other countries like Italy, Spain, and Sweden have also made use of special sensors that are able to track the activities and health of senior citizens right in their home.
iRobot is another company pushing toward new technology, and are also already well known for their self-cleaning vacuum, the Roomba, and are now pushing toward newer technology. “The Roomba is the most successful elder-care robot ever created,” said CEO of iRobot Colin Angle. “It helps people who can’t push a vacuum maintain a sense of control over the environment they live in.” Though iRobot has yet to create a home-help robot, according to Angle they are well positioned to do so soon, due to their current work making telepresence robots for the military and several other companies.
Freedom Home Care knows that even with advancing technology, personal care is of utmost importance, and we strive to continue with the best of both for you and your loved ones.