Helping an Elderly Loved One Fight Off the Winter Blues

As the year comes to an end and winter goes into full effect with dreary days and chilly nights, it can be easy to catch the winter blues. Especially for our aging loved ones, this time of year can bring isolation due to loneliness and frigid temperatures. Here at Freedom Home Care we put together a few tips to help your elderly family member or friend fight off the winter blues.

  • Socialization

Keep communication open! The days may be shorter and colder, but connecting on a regular basis helps keep spirits up. Another way to help is by assisting seniors connect with others. Senior centers, town activities, or a weekly coffee date can help break up the weekly routine indoors.

  • Keep the Walkways Clear

Falling is an imminent threat, and a fall could keep your loved one indoors permanently! Keep sidewalks and driveways shoveled and well salted to avoid spills. Many communities also offer plowing services to senior citizens. Call your local village hall to see what is available in your area.

  • Maintain a Healthy diet

Keeping up with a healthy diet is important to overall health, especially during the winter months. Eating food with proteins and grains can help give your loved one the extra energy needed to stay warm in the cold weather.

  • Exercise

Keep moving! It is proven that 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week spent exercising or being active, can improve mood, overall health, mental sharpness, and susceptibility. Many seniors find walking to be good exercise, and luckily many shopping centers offer a space to walk when the weather is inclement. Walking with family or friends can be a form of socialization too!

  • Be Positive

Winter will be over before you know it! But in the meantime, share in the fun of snow fall and holiday cheer. Don’t forget to remind your loved one that the season will come and go, and there is plenty more to look forward to.
Freedom Home Care is dedicated to the education and care of your aging loved ones, and we just want to remind you all to stay safe this winter and enjoy the season!