The Benefits of Home Modification

As we get older, the possibility of leaving our home becomes more of a reality, and the stress of that consideration can be overwhelming. No one wants to leave their comfortable environment, but if you or your loved one is  unable to take care of themselves in their daily routine at home, there may be an alternative Freedom Home Care can offer to keep you in your home safely.
Home modification is essentially a simple idea.  The home you live in is evaluated and modified in order to make it a safer and easier place to live and maneuver through.  The home is modified based on the individual’s specific needs, and these changes can be fairly simple or extensive.
When choosing the home-modification route, it is important that you get an evaluation from specialists that have proper experience and qualifications. While you should be involved with the process, especially if you are familiar with the person’s daily activities, specialists like occupational therapists are trained to recognize areas that need modification that we may not think of.
Some of the things that the therapists do is interview the person or people living in the home to find out what their strengths and weaknesses are.  They then conduct a room-by-room evaluation and look for things that could possibly be a hazard.  Obvious things such as clutter in the walkways or throw rugs can be put away, but there may be structural changes needed in order to make the house walker or wheelchair friendly.
Smaller things such as seeing if the cabinets open and close easily or if there is adequate lighting can also make a significant difference in the ease of living for the elderly.
The specialists will then put you in contact with the right people to modify the house, such as contractors to make any structural changes, or to with advice for any new support equipment, such as a walker.  They will also make any recommendations for therapy sessions or further evaluations if needed.
Modifying your home may seem like an overwhelming task, but that is why Freedom Home Care is here. We are available to walk you through the evaluation process and recommend what can be done to keep you or your loved one in their home for as long as possible. Contact us today to set a time for an evaluation.