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Share the Love this Valentine's Day

Romance is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches, and while many are buying candy and making dinner reservations for a date night with a special someone, there are also many who don’t have a special friend or companion to share in the fun with. As our loved ones grow older, they often suffer from loneliness,  especially during the holidays. But Valentine’s Day can be a day for everyone. Here at Freedom Home Care, we encourage you to share your love and friendship with those of all ages, including seniors. Whether it is a parent or even a neighbor living on your
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Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate Will Satisfy Both Body and Soul

We all love chocolate. Sometimes a little too much. Sometimes so much that it becomes unhealthy. But maybe we don’t have to give up chocolate, we just have to change the kind of chocolate we eat. The one magic plant that makes chocolate so delicious —cacao— is the secret to all of our chocolate obsessions. The seed is dried and fermented, carrying with it a deceivingly brown, powdery texture resembling hot chocolate mix. Take a small taste to find out that cacao by itself has a terrible flavor. Only after sugar is added and the seed is processed does the
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Fun Activities for Seniors in the Winter

With snow on the ground, there is officially no doubt that winter has arrived. As the days become shorter and frigidly cold temperatures settle in, it can be easy to stay cooped up inside for the long haul. But even though temperatures may be chilly, it’s important for everyone, including seniors, to keep busy and socialize. Here are a few ideas from us here at Freedom Home Care for some activities for seniors in the winter to keep active and have fun too! · Join a club- Be it a book club or a coin collectors club, finding a group of people with
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