Soak Up Some Vitamin D this Summer

Summer is finally here in Chicago, and after months of hibernating indoors it’s the perfect time to get outside and breathe in some fresh air. Here at Freedom Home Care we know it can be difficult to get outside a lot during the winter months, and with many seniors being at a higher risk for vitamin D deficiency, we have a few recommendations to make sure you and your loved ones stay healthy. As the weather warms up, it is a good time to focus on getting outdoors and getting more vitamin D.
Seniors over the age of 50 have an increased risk of vitamin D deficiency, and that risk only increases with age. Today we’ve put together a few tips to help ensure you and your loved ones are getting the vitamin D that is so important to maintaining good health.
4 Tips for getting enough Vitamin D

  •       Eat up! There are plenty of foods that contain vitamin D, and keeping a diet rich in these foods is not only healthy but delicious too! Eat foods like cod liver oil, mackerel, salmon, tuna, beef liver, cheese, and egg yolks.
  •       Get outside! Sunlight for most people is the most important source of vitamin D. The sun converts cholesterol to vitamin D helping you stay healthy.
  •       Watch your labels! Many foods have vitamin D added to them. This includes milk, juice drinks, and breakfast cereals.
  •       Supplement! In addition to eating right and getting outside more a supplement can help bring your vitamin D levels up as well. Studies have shown a daily oral vitamin D supplement can reduce the risk of bone fractures in older adults. The average recommended daily dose of vitamin D varies from age to age so it is best to ask your doctor what the right dosage would be for you.

The easiest way to soak up some vitamin D is to get outdoors. With summer arriving here in the Midwest, now is the time to take advantage of activities like a walk down your street, or eating lunch outside in the afternoon. Eating a diet of vitamin D rich foods and spending time in the sun is good for your mind and body.
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