Freedom Home Care Sponsors Fitness Classes for Seniors

We at Freedom Home Care enjoy being regularly involved in our community, and one way we do so is by sponsoring some fun and exciting senior fitness classes, such as…
Sit and Be Fit: One of the most popular classes offered to residents, this class provides residents with a combination of strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination based exercises. Part of the class is done seated, while the other half of class is done standing. However, for those who are unable to stand for the exercises, modifications are given.
Chair Yoga: Very light class offered to residents interested in learning basic yoga while also improving their flexibility. The instructor takes the class through meditation techniques, breathing strategies, and seated yoga routines. This class is meant to leave the participants feeling calm and relaxed.
Two Steps Forward to Improve Balance: This class focuses on fall prevention by taking the participants through a series of balance exercises. The warm up routine is done seated, consisting of breathing, stretching, and working on range of motion. Exercises are done standing, consisting of various walking routines and in-place balance motions. Cool down is done seated, consisting of breathing control and light stretching.
Walking Club: The group is open to anyone interested in walking and meets once a week. We walk outside along a path for about 1 1/2 miles. Everyone goes at their own pace and meets back at the facility when finished. The purpose of this club is to encourage participants to socialize and get some fresh air, while also strengthening their cardiovascular system.
Let’s Step It Up!: Resistance band group exercise class focusing on increasing strength. Participants each have a resistance band with handles, and go through a series of total body exercises guided by a fitness instructor. This class features a combination of standing and sitting routines 15-20 repetitions lasting 45-60 minutes.
Young Again at Sunrise Fountain Square in Lombard: A circuit training course which teaches residents the benefits of strength training and aerobic exercise and has been modified for the older adult.  It takes the participants through a circuit series focusing on exercises to target all major muscle groups and strengthen the heart at the same time.  As they learn their routine, they will be encouraged to continue the circuit on their own schedule.  On a monthly basis, the program will be monitored and modified to meet their individual goals and progress will be tracked.

For more information on times or locations of these classes, or for a list of other community events we are involved in, give us a call!
Freedom Home Care (877) 262-1223