Top 5 GPS Tracking Devices for Loved Ones Living with Dementia

Those of us who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia know what a source of anxiety and worry it can be. We dread the day our disoriented mother or father becomes frightened, unable recognize familiar surroundings, and walks out his or her home, quickly getting lost. There are things you can do to assuage your concerns like making sure your home is safe and secure, creating a crisis plan, keeping a recent photo on hand for authorities, and keeping a list of people on call to help look for your loved one. But unfortunately none of these suggestions will definitively tell you where your lost family member might be.
Thankfully, the digital age has brought about new solutions to address wandering and help keep your loved ones safe and secure. One way to ease your anxieties is to use a lifesaving location device. These devices use GPS tracking, ensuring your loved one can be found quickly and safely. Here are just some of the top lifesaving location devices:

  1. Mindme

Mindme isn’t just a location device – it’s also an alarm. The alarm allows the user to alert a Mindme response center in case of a fall or other emergency. The device itself is a pendant that can be placed in a pocket or bag and allows caregivers to track the user online at any time. You can even set a radius for the user and receive an alert if they travel outside the safe zone.

  1. GPS Smart Sole

The GPS Smart Sole fits into most shoes and allows caregivers to track their loved one from any smart phone, tablet, or web browser. The shoe insert is enabled with GPS technology and allows real-time syncing, a detailed report of location history, and allows caregivers to set up a safe zone.

  1. PocketFinder

PocketFinder is designed to be the smallest tracker on the market; the device can fit in the palm of your hand. It’s your standard GPS tracker but it has a battery life of up to one week. It also allows caregivers to track the wearer through a user-friendly app accessible on your phone or tablet.

  1. Revolutionary Tracker

The Revolutionary Tracker is GPS-enabled and features an SOS button for emergencies. It tracks the wearer in real time and is renowned for its ease of use. This device is unique in that it allows multiple seniors to be tracked at the same time and syncs directly to the caregiver’s smartphone or computer.

  1. MedicAlert Safely Home

This device was created specifically to help emergency responders treat patients who cannot speak for themselves. It’s worn as a bracelet and features your loved one’s pertinent medical information engraved on it. Caregivers can call the police if the patient wanders and have the police call the 24-hour MedicAlert hotline to get the location of the missing person.
In the event of a crisis, these trackers will allow you and emergency responders to quickly locate your lost family member.
If wandering caused by dementia or Alzheimer’s is a concern in your household, contact Freedom Home Care. The first step in ensuring your loved one’s safety is making sure the home is secure. Get in touch about a Home Safety Assessment today.