101 Mobility Helps Create Safe, Accessible Spaces For All

One of our favorite partners at Freedom Home Care is 101 Mobility, a company that maintains constant and remarkable dedication to its mission of accessibility for all. If you or a loved one is experiencing difficulty entering or exiting the home, getting up or down stairs, or getting into or out of a vehicle, 101 Mobility is the company we recommend to help you find financially viable solutions to those challenges. Their experienced team of professionals (including factory trained installers) can get you on your way to turning your home, office or commercial business into a barrier-free zone.
For many people, a change in mobility presents environmental challenges as well as physical and emotional ones. Our patients often find themselves frustrated with the limitations of their own homes, forcing them to consider moving or downsizing. With that decision comes closing costs, increased taxes, and other financial stressors that can exacerbate already stressful situations. But 101 Mobility can help clients evaluate and modify their homes into safe and accessible spaces for far less than the cost of moving.
Something as simple as adding a grab bar to a shower or bathtub can make all the difference when it comes to safety. Of course, 101 Mobility is prepared to deal with all kinds of accessibility challenges. They have an extensive line of stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, overhead lifts, ramps, patient lifts, and automotive solutions available from nationally recognized brands such as Bruno, Sterling, Hamar, National Ramp, and Romedics. Such a wide range of options gives 101 Mobility the flexibility they need to solve accessibility issues in the most timely, efficient, and effective manner possible.
If your needs are commercial rather than residential, 101 Mobility is known for their work on Commercial ADA compliant ramping systems for temporary or permanent applications. In fact, they can design a ramp configuration for almost every need–the possibilities are unlimited. Those with ramp needs (of the residential, business, or even construction site variety) should rest assured that 101 Mobility’s Ramping Evaluation Specialists will work with you to provide a complete design evaluation, discuss your options, and create a configuration that will balance cost, aesthetics and safety.
101 Mobility also provides rentals for clients who might be recovering from surgery, hospice for a loved one at home, or who might simply need temporary wheelchair access to residential or commercial projects. Installation and removal is included in the rental fee and 101 Mobility even handles permitting if necessary. Temporary needs are every bit as important as permanent ones, and 101 Mobility is happy to work with you to find solutions that best fit your needs.
Don’t let financial or environmental factors impact your right to safe, accessible spaces. Call 101 Mobility to start creating your ideal space today. In the meantime, Freedom Home Care is always here to provide support as needed, and supply you with a home safety evaluation.