Stay Healthy This Fall Season

As the leaves begin to turn vibrant colors and the evenings get shorter, it’s easy to feel that Fall chill in the air. Every year as the season changes and the temperature drops, it can be easy to fall into habits that can leave you susceptible to illness. Here at Freedom Home Care we have compiled a list of a few tips that can keep you healthy this fall season.

  •       Take Care of Yourself

Far too many of us aren’t maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s staying on top of your diet or finding time to exercise, it is important to keep your general health on the right track. By maintaining your care you can prevent your body from becoming run down and susceptible to infections and illness.

  •       Wash Your Hands

Your mom was right, you should always wash your hands. According to Physician Donald Ford at the Cleveland Clinic, “The single most effective prevention for the spread of viruses is hand hygiene.” In addition to keeping your hands clean you can also prevent the spread of germs by covering your coughs and sneezes with the crook of your elbow instead of your hands. With this method you prevent the germs from spreading via air or on your hands.

  •       Get Your Flu Shot

The Center for Disease Control recommends everyone older than six months receive a flu shot to prevent influenza. While it is still possible to catch a strain of the flu, with the vaccine it’s a lot less likely. You can go on the offensive and get a flu shot from your doctor or most walk-in clinics nowadays.

  •       Monitor Your Environment

There is plenty you can do to keep your home and workplace in good condition to keep you healthy this fall season. From replacing the filter in your furnace, to wiping off surfaces with antibacterial cleaners, you can control your space. Although many people suffer from allergies, it’s actually healthy to go outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Saline nasal spray can help allergy sufferers, and pollen counts tend to decrease after 4:00pm making it easier to be outside.

  •       Stay Home

With all of the commitments we have today it’s easy to push through the aches and pains and go to work or school. However, experts say if you can stay home, do it. Staying home allows you to rest and fight off illness while ensuring that no one else gets sick. Rest and fluids are the best way to clear up sickness that will eventually go away on its own.
As the seasons change it can be easy to push ahead full steam, but taking a few precautions can keep you and the ones around you healthy this year. We are confident everyone would rather spend this season enjoying the beautiful views outside than fighting off a cold inside.
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