St. Patrick's Day Activities for Seniors

Saint Patrick’s Day is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year.
There are tons of fun ideas that could help spice up your annual Celtic-inspired activities and add a wee bit of fun to your holiday party.
From dances to dinners to parades and more, Freedom Home Care has compiled a few fun-filled Irish-themed events that we think you’d enjoy.
Digital Holiday-Themed Discussion Group
The beauty of the Information Age, is that it allows us to connect with family and friends without ever having to leave the privacy of our own homes.
That’s the idea behind the digital St. Patrick’s Day discussion group.
A small group “meets” online to discuss and exchange ideas about the history of St. Patrick’s Day and the traditional celebration of the holiday in Ireland or any topic of interest that the group decides on.
While this activity requires a facilitator to lead the discussion online, the St. Patrick’s Day discussion group, is a great way to build relationships with others, while developing computer skills in the process.
Of course, this digital discussion would require the proper technology and set-up to host the meeting, but could also put a non-conventional spin on the usual St. Patrick’s Day festivities.
Apartment Crawl
An apartment or home crawl is a great way to socialize and enjoy a friendly St. Paddy’s Day meal at the same time.
Similar to a pub crawl, participants go from house to house where they enjoy various Irish-themed meals prepared by a different person during each visit.
Family or friends designate one person to prepare dinner, while someone else focuses on appetizers and another on drinks.
The apartment crawl allows you to travel alone or in groups from one residence to the next, enjoying the company of others in your home, senior center or retirement community.
Host a Party With Irish Music
What would a St. Patrick’s Day celebration be without music from the Eire?
Many Irish groups or bands specialize in playing tunes like O’ Danny Boy, an Irish Lullaby, and When Irish Eyes Are Smiling specifically for the occasion.
Other popular ways to celebrate the holiday with authentic cultural music include the Irish Step Dance or the Irish Jig.
You could also liven up your party or event with a dance contest. Write a number from 1 to 20 (or according to the number of people that attend) on green paper shamrocks and give one to each person.
Players dance to Irish music until everyone sits down, except the last three people. Each person still dancing wins a prize.
Attend a Parade
Parades are always popular no matter the time of year.
And St. Patrick’s Day parades are especially interesting because they give onlookers a small glimpse of the Celtic culture, from bagpipes to Leprechauns, to Shamrocks and more.
Seniors can join in the fun by dressing up in their favorite St. Paddy’s Day garb: green tophats, ties, vests, and pantaloons.
And at Freedom Home Care, we say what better way to experience all-things Irish, (except in Ireland) than at a St. Patrick’s Day parade.