Mind Games

Workout Your Cranium
It is inevitable to stop the aging process and with aging comes memory loss.  More and more of forgetful moments begin to occur and it can be alarming.  However, there may be options when it comes to delaying this process and keeping the brain young.
“A 60 year-old brain is two to three times slower than a 20 year-old brain,” according to an article on memory loss by Web-MD.  They also added that by the time you reach the age of 80, your brain may function five to eight times slower.  We are not saying that memory loss is just contributed to age, there are other contributing factors as well such as stress, lack of sleep and multi-tasking.  Who would have thought that getting a full nights rest could make you more cognitive, right?  But if you find yourself getting plenty of rest, stress free and working on one task at a time—try board games or other outlets of mind games.
That’s right—games.  Something so fun can help you with your memory at the same time.  Games like Sodoku, crossword puzzles and even Monopoly can improve or delay the decline of memory loss.  According to the same article on Web-MD, there was a study conducted in 2007 on 23 elderly people who went through a brain-training program were able to better focus.  Another benefit to these mind games is they may prove to slow the symptoms of dementia.  The key to using these games as mind exercises is making sure you are consistent and making sure the “workout” isn’t too easy.
Here at Freedom Home Care, we want to educate on the proper care for those experiencing memory loss and dementia so we encourage you to get more information from your doctor if you are experiencing excessive memory loss.  If you want to start early on prolonging your excellent memory, bring a parent, grandparent or friend to our event on April 12th presenting Marbles: The Brain Store.  They have many fun, mind exercising games for all ages and we are excited to share these fun activities with you.  Don’t forget to look into other alternative therapy options to help!