Spring Activities for Seniors

Help Get Seniors Active This Spring

Cold weather temperatures have kept many seniors confined to their apartments or homes this winter.
We all know how important it is for older loved ones to take the proper precautions when traveling, especially when the potential for slips and falls is the greatest on icy sidewalks and roads.
But now that spring has sprung and warmer temperatures abound, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the fresh air and sunshine that comes along with more favorable outdoor conditions even if you are already taking advantage of alternative therapy options.
Here are a few fun activities that we’ve come up with at Freedom Home Care for your senior to help shed the winter blues.

Plant a Garden

Plants and trees just naturally begin to blossom and grow in the spring.
This is also a great time to grow a garden.
Once you determine when the last frost date occurs in your region, it’s time to get planting those seeds!
One of the benefits of gardening is that when your plants or vegetables have finally matured, you’ve not only contributed to the environment, but you’ve also cultivated your own fresh flowers, fruits and veggies to share with family and friends.

Go Fishing

There’s no better way to experience the peaceful beauty of shimmering lakes, rustling trees, and singing birds than when fishing.
It’s a great way to bond with others while engaging in fun, no-stress outdoor recreation.
Even non-mobile seniors can participate. Organizations like “Let’s Go Fishing” specialize in making fishing and boating trips accessible to all.
If that’s not an option, watching from a dock that accommodates wheel chairs is great way to take in the sights and sounds of nature.

Attend a Concert

Oftentimes popular groups and bands put on outdoor concerts during the spring and summer months. Bring your own blanket, food, and chairs – sit out and enjoy good music, while watching your favorite performer, surrounded by friends and family.

Visit a Museum

Experience everything from natural history to art, science and more at a local gallery or exhibit.
Kids love to see new and interesting things and a museum is a great opportunity to spend quality time with grandchildren, as they learn more about the world around them.

Be Creative

If your loved one is interested in beginning a project or craft, there’s a number of ways to help them get started.
Sites like Pinterest and traditional home and garden books or magazines contain dozen of knitting, crafting and sewing ideas for seniors. Best of all these activities are designed for people of all ages, no matter what the skill level.
While it can be difficult to help a senior you know, we are here to help. See all our services we offer to make you and your senior comfortable and cared for every day.