High School Students Nationwide Are Hosting Senior Citizen Proms

Intergenerational proms are becoming quite popular these days, as high school seniors and college students seek to bridge the gap between older citizens in the community and the youth.
And judging by the response to the events we’ve seen at Freedom Home Care, senior proms aren’t just a fad or a craze.
They’re really all about making a connection despite our generational differences.
That was the purpose of the “Hooray For Hollywood” themed event put on by Tri-M Music, Art Honors Society, and Choral Ensemble students at New Milford High School. – a tradition that is has been going strong for six years in a row.
Students at New Milford High invited 160 senior citizens out to prom.
And to make sure it was an enjoyable night, youth organizers decked the halls, decorated tables and presented door prizes to 75 lucky attendees.
The students held fundraisers and collected donations from local restaurants and businesses, in order to raise money for the prom.
On the night of the event, the Choral Ensemble sang, an abundance of food was served, and two participants were even donned prom king and queen.
The first annual senior prom event received such an overwhelming response that Milford High students decided to do it again.
Of course for many who attended, the highlight of the evening was the top-notch service provided by the high school students at Mildford. “They represented you, the school district, and the borough in a world class manner and truly made the evening a success, said prom-goer, Dave Bicofsky.
And the trend isn’t one that’s only happening in New Jersey communities.
This time of year, places like Beachwood, Ohio are also getting in to spirit of senior prom night.
Themed “Up, Up and Away” the 8th annual Menorah Park Center for Senior Living prom, was organized mainly by student volunteers at ROTC from East Tech High School.
In preparation, the senior center was decorated with tiny hot air balloons, prom pictures were taken in front a balloon-themed mural, and cupcakes were served to those who attended
For these seniors who hadn’t been to prom in years, the night’s festivities brought back fond memories of their own 12th grade experience.
At the end of the night, a prom king and queen were announced, and even given a crown and specter.
“I feel that it’s a wonderful thing, it’s my first trip down here and I’m enjoying it. I never expected this, said Allen Goodman, Menorah Park Center prom king.
Staying active is important, and at Freedom Home Care we understand that a difficult task such as this requires specialized help at times.  If you can not attend an event like a senior prom, don’t fret!  You can participate in many spring activities that are great for seniors.  Also watch for events that we offer through Freedom Home Care.