St. Patrick’s Day Traditions Sure to Bring You Luck

Has your luck run short? No worries, you don’t have to be Irish to get luck on St. Patrick’s Day! Follow these 6 classic traditions and get good fortune on the 17th from your friends here at Freedom Home Care.  Some of these might come to you as a surprise, so read all below:


One: “Drowning the Shamrock” Legend has it if you drown a shamrock it is considered a token of good fortune to come. Dating back centuries in Ireland, they used to dunk a shamrock in a glass of whiskey. They would drink the whiskey and throw the shamrock at the bottom of the glass over their left shoulder.


Two: “Searching for 4-leaf clovers” Everyone knows this classic tradition. Being extremely rare to find, when a person does come across a 4-leaf clover they are blessed with luck. What are you waiting for? Grab your loved one today and head out to start looking!


Three: “Dress in Green” This tradition is known to give off some luck, but what might surprise you is why. The color symbolized Irish nationalism in 1922 when the country gained independence.


Four: “Wearing Blue” Blue you ask? Yes, that’s right you can celebrate the 17th by wearing the country’s national color. Blue dates back to early England and is a tradition that has been carried out since, but not typically heard of in the United States.


Five: “Don’t Eat the Green Food” That’s right. You might know the tradition of dying the Chicago river green, but foods with green dye is considered unlucky. Avoid green-colored dye when eating on St. Patrick’s Day to keep your luck running.


Six: “Eat the Irish Bacon” On St. Patrick’s Day, cured pork or Irish bacon is more likely to be consumed than corn beef. You might be shocked to find that corned beef is not an Irish tradition in Ireland on St. Patty’s Day.


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