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Old Timer, Seniors, Elderly Person, What Else?

Figuring out what to call someone who is higher on the age scale is not as simple as it may sound. If you call someone in their late fifties “elder” they will be offended, and you will probably be getting some mean looks. So how do you go about it? Find out here at Freedom Home Care.   This topic is getting more challenging each day because more and more people are living longer than ever before. People feel more youthful longer because of this and those over the age of fifty don’t look at age the same as some
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How to Freshen Up for Spring

  You finally just packed up that last box of holiday décor and I know what you’re thinking next- Spring! With the weather finally starting to warm up and the sound of birds chirping next to your window, it feels like the perfect time to freshen up your home or a loved one’s home. We at Freedom Home Care, your home care agency, have some tips for you!   Flowers- What better way to bring some new fresh scents into a home than some fresh flowers. The flowers will add a pop of color to any room and leave a
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St. Patrick’s Day Traditions Sure to Bring You Luck

Has your luck run short? No worries, you don’t have to be Irish to get luck on St. Patrick’s Day! Follow these 6 classic traditions and get good fortune on the 17th from your friends here at Freedom Home Care.  Some of these might come to you as a surprise, so read all below:   One: “Drowning the Shamrock” Legend has it if you drown a shamrock it is considered a token of good fortune to come. Dating back centuries in Ireland, they used to dunk a shamrock in a glass of whiskey. They would drink the whiskey and throw
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