Old Timer, Seniors, Elderly Person, What Else?

Figuring out what to call someone who is higher on the age scale is not as simple as it may sound. If you call someone in their late fifties “elder” they will be offended, and you will probably be getting some mean looks. So how do you go about it? Find out here at Freedom Home Care.


This topic is getting more challenging each day because more and more people are living longer than ever before. People feel more youthful longer because of this and those over the age of fifty don’t look at age the same as some people did 20 plus years ago.


Part of a problem in our society is that people in the “senior” age demographic often have a negative perception when in reality it is just an age! So what names should you use and avoid using?


Try to avoid calling seniors senior citizens, the elderly, or the elderly life stage. These words might just be the top names that seniors dislike. When in doubt, just cut out the word “elderly” from your vocabulary when trying to describe someone.


Some of the most used words to call someone today are older adults, older people, retirees, and seniors. These are seen as working well to describe someone and shows off respect. It usually depends on the person you’re talking to what they prefer to be called. When you ask around answers will vary.


If you’re ever wondering what to call a senior adult in your life the best way is to just ask them. They will appreciate your respect to ask for their own input and honor their wishes.


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