5 Ways to Stay Cheerful This Holiday Season

The holidays bring many activities with family and friends, changes in routines and more. Participating in all these activities can be quite stressful for older adults. Below, we here at Freedom Home Care have put together some tips to help your senior loved ones have a happy and safe holiday season.

Involve them in holiday preparations

Your senior loved one might have some physical limitations, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t help with the holiday preparations. Include them in tasks like putting up decorations, helping to make dinner and dessert, wrapping gifts, tidying up, etc. The smallest and simplest tasks can help make your senior feel needed and feel like they have a purpose.

Reminisce on happy memories

Past holiday memories can have a negative effect on some people, especially seniors. It can bring back memories of when they had fewer limitations and felt more alive. So, instead of dwelling on things that can be difficult, focus on all the good that has come to you all as a family.

Create new memories

Holidays provoke memories from the past, as we’ve said previously. Seniors may be thinking about past holidays with their spouses, at their old house, etc. Why not put the past in the past and focus on the present! Plan some new activities that you can share with your loved ones, so they have something to look forward to during the holidays. These activities don’t have to be anything large; it can be as simple as window shopping at their favorite stores, looking at your neighbor’s outdoor decorations, or having a holiday movie night.

Modify family traditions

We know you want to keep some family traditions alive, but if you are caring for a senior loved one with certain conditions such as dementia, trying to do everything in the way it has been done before may not be a good idea. Help them recall family traditions and focus on those. Feel free to modify some traditions so it’ll be easier to carry them out in the future.

With these few pieces of senior holiday advice, we hope that you can combat those holiday blues this year. By taking care of your senior loved ones, the holidays can be a time of celebration, love, and hope for everyone. Feel free to contact us here at Freedom Home Care if you are in need of more advice.

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