Benefits of Outdoor Spaces for the Elderly

Humans have a connection to the outdoors, and it is no different for the elderly. Outdoor spaces can be extremely beneficial for elderly people, especially those who struggle with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Learn more about this below.

How Outdoor Spaces Help the Elderly

The outdoors is said to help many people feel more relaxed and happier. When walking in nature, people feel less stressed, which can boost their mood. Is the same thing true for the elderly?

According to the Chicago Botanic Garden, “The keys (and often the greatest challenges) to successful aging are to remain physically active and socially engaged and to retain a sense of self. There are many measurable health outcomes for seniors and the outdoors. Even a short visit in a garden can lower blood pressure, improve vitamin D absorption, improve stability, and help with better sleep patterns.”

Designing an Outdoor Space with Elderly in Mind

Being in an outdoor space can help give elderly people sensory stimulation. It can give them an escape, as well as providing a remedy for boredom. If you want to design an outdoor space for older adults, you should think about creating a space that is easily accessible, easy to navigate, and full of different plant types and many colors.

First, you want this space to be easily accessible and easy to go through. Having a path for walking that is also wheelchair or walker friendly is important. It is also important to have chairs and shaded areas for a place to rest, relax, and just enjoy the outdoor space.

When it comes to plant selection, it is important to choose plants that will thrive in a particular area, but it is also important to have a variety of plants. As discussed above, one benefit of outdoor spaces for older adults is the sensory stimulation. This could mean including different colored plants and flowers, and it also means including different scents in your garden.

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