Nutrition for Seniors

Let’s face it, many of us struggle to eat healthy. Most of us want to feel fit and look good, but we struggle to make the right healthy eating choices, or we may not even know what those choices are. Particularly if you are an older adult, you will have heard all different things about how to eat healthy, and it can be confusing. We want to help make things easier and more understandable with a few healthy eating tips for seniors below.

Healthy Eating Tips

  • Eat a Variety of Foods – When people talk about eating healthy, one thing that is really important is to eat a variety of foods. You want to eat plenty of different fruits and vegetables because they have different nutrients in them. You also want to eat lean proteins and whole grains to give you the energy that you need. However, don’t eat the same things over and over, try to change it up and get variety!
  • Don’t Consume Too Much – Another thing to keep in mind is the proper serving size. Many of us do not look to see how much a serving is before we add things to our plates. Checking the proper serving size can help you get the nutrients you need without overeating.
  • Read Nutrition Labels – It is also a good practice to start reading the nutrition labels on food products you buy. If there are highly processed foods with a lot of ingredients you do not understand, these are not the healthiest choices. Look for foods with less ingredients and natural ingredients. You can also check out the fat, sugar, and sodium that is found in these foods on the label, and those are important things to watch out for.
  • Stay Hydrated – Part of eating healthy is making sure your body is hydrated. Water and tea are great choices because you do not want to drink a lot of fluids that have a lot of sugar.
  • Look at What a Healthy Plate Looks Like – The USDA has something called MyPlate that tells people what their plate should look like with the different foods included. They keep up-to-date with current health research to give you an accurate idea of what you should be eating.

At Freedom Home Care, we provide a lot of different services to help the elderly and older adults. We provide home care services that can include helping to provide nutritious meals for seniors. We can personalize the home care service based on you or your loved ones needs. Reach out to us today, to learn more about what we can do to help the wonderful senior in your life.