How to Spruce Up Your Living Space

With many of us spending much more time at home, it is the perfect time to spruce up our home. For seniors, sprucing up your living space can also be a good opportunity to make the space more functional based on your specific needs. The following are our top tips for sprucing up you or your senior loved one’s living space.

Tip #1: Decorations – Decorate with pieces you have owned and loved for a long time. Whether it’s furniture, artwork, your children or grandchildren’s creations, pieces that bring you joy are the best things to keep around. If you are looking for a change, maybe switching out the art or décor items, or updating your framed pictures will do the trick.

Tip #2: Safety First – It is important when designing a living space for seniors to keep safety in mind. Not only do we want the space to look good, be inviting, and be comfortable, we also want it to be safe. Consider things like covering potentially slippery floors with rugs, but make sure the rugs are secured to the floor, so they do not become tripping hazards. Make sure areas are well lit, and that lights are easy to access. Check furniture to make sure doors and drawers are easy to open. Take careful consideration when arranging the furniture as well. Consider how you or your loved one spends their time and arrange the living space so that it is convenient. Also, create clear pathways around the rooms. If you or your loved one needs to use a wheelchair or walker, you will want to keep that in mind when placing furniture.

Tip #3: Multi-Functional – If your living spaces are small, consider utilizing multi-functional furniture. A drop-leaf table can allow for flexibility when using a space. A piece like this will allow for more space when it’s just you in your home, but it will also give you added eating or entertaining space to your kitchen table when you have guests. Also, if you need more chairs from time to time, folding or stackable chairs are a great option.

Whether you or your loved one are moving to a new space, or you just need a fresh start, consider these tips the next time you wish to spruce up your living space. If you or your loved one ever need help with home care, reach out to us at Freedom Home Care to learn more about how we can support you.