How to Create a Cozy Balcony

Whether you have a small balcony, a good size deck, or a fire escape, you can make the most of whatever outdoor space you have. Especially for apartment dwellers, taking time to make your balcony cozy and inviting can completely change how you use your space. Here are our top tips and ideas on how to create a cozy balcony.

  1. Plants – Whether you have an interest in plants or not, adding some greenery to your balcony helps enhance the feeling of being outside. Adding certain live flowers or herbs can also make it smell good. If plants are not really your thing, you can still get the effect by using faux plants. These days the fake ones look so real you may not even be able to tell the difference until they never change even as the seasons and weather do!
  2. Table and Chairs – Even if you do not have much space, adding a table and a few chairs can totally change the game with how you are able to use your outdoor space. If you are really limited on space, consider a small bistro table and chairs set that easily folds up so your space and be flexible and used in several different ways. If you have the room a larger table and chairs, you can turn your outdoor space into an extra entertaining space for your friends and family.
  3. Floor Pillows – Floor pillows are also a great option for small spaces, and they will definitely be one of the cozier choices. Add them to your small balcony with the small bistro set, and you will have endless options for how to use the space.
  4. Rugs – Add a fun, colorful, patterned outdoor rug to make the space feel softer and cozier.
  5. Privacy and Shade – If you live a few feet from your neighbor, consider adding tall plants or screens to create a sense of separation. This can both make you more likely to want to use your balcony if you know you will be alone, and it can make your balcony even cozier. Tall plants and screens may also create more shade. If you want even more shade, you can add an awning or umbrella.

There are so many ways you can make an outdoor space of any kind feel cozier and more welcoming! It is more important than ever to make sure you or your loved ones are taken care of, and a cozy place to escape to right outside your own door can help. If you or your loved one needs help during this time, Freedom Home Care is here to help. Learn more about our many services by checking out our website.