4 Easy Ways to Stay Connected to Your Senior Loved Ones During COVID-19

The world is an unusual and scary place with the COVID-19 pandemic going on. However, it is times like these that we remember what is truly important in life. Truly important things are the people in our lives, the friends, family, and other loved ones that we care so much about. However, many of us are cut off physically from those loved ones during this pandemic. That does not mean that we can’t stay in touch. We can still interact with those we love, even our senior loved ones.

4 ways to stay connected during COVID-19

  • Call Often – Many people prefer in-person visits to phone calls, but when we can’t see someone in person, calling them on the phone is a great idea. You can have a weekly phone call date with someone you love to make sure you stay in touch during this time.
  • Make Video Calls a Regular Occurrence – Video chatting is also possible, and this is great because you can see your loved one as you are talking to them. You can video call to share a meal even if you are not in the same space. This can be a great way to stay connected.
  • Write Letter and Send Pictures – You can also do snail mail to stay in touch. Go back to the days where you sent handwritten letters and cards. You can even print out some pictures to send along with the letter. Getting mail is a fun way to stay connected.
  • Plan a Window Visit – People are also planning what they call window visits. A window visit is when you come to your senior loved ones home, but you stay outside. You can see them through the window, and call them on the phone to chat, but you can maintain your distance for social distancing. This can be nice because you get to see them in person.

Those are just a few ways that you can stay connected with your senior loved ones during COVID-19 pandemic. If you are worried about your loved ones and the care they are getting during this time, you can reach out to us at Freedom Home Care.

Freedom Home Care provides home care services for your family and loved ones. We have in-home care services for seniors that we offer. We can customize these programs to your specific needs. At Freedom Home Care, we also offer services Alzheimer’s Care, Post-Surgery Home Care, and more.

We also have a lot of safety precautions and systems in place for COVID-19. We will look out for your loved ones and keep them as safe as possible. Reach out to us today to learn more.