Dangers of the Summer Sun on Elderly, and How to Protect Yourself from It

Summer is a time that many people look forward to all year long thanks to its warmth, sunshine, and activities that follow. While it is fun in the sun, the sun can lead to some serious health issues that are dangerous to elders.

At Freedom Home Care, we want to inform you all about the dangers of sun and provide ways how you and your loved ones can enjoy the summer, while staying safe. Find out below!

Hotter months like July and August can cause thousands of heat-related illnesses where seniors are among the most vulnerable. One of the main factors for elders over heating is because as we age, our body’s ability to regulate temperature through sweat glands and circulation tends to decrease. When someone has heart disease or COPD, the chances of over-heating increase even more.

So how can you enjoy the summer sun and outdoor activities while protecting yourself from over-heating? The first step is to watch the forecast. When you know it is going to be very humid with no breeze, don’t plan outdoor activities for those days. Instead, plan air-conditioned spaces like the library or museum and save the outdoor activities for a bit of a cooler day.

Make sure you are keeping your home cool as well. It is a good idea to cover windows that are in direct sunlight all day to keep your home cooler. Use ceiling fans or floor fans to keep cool air running in your home.

Staying hydrated is always important, but in the summer months it should become a top priority. Drink plenty of liquids like water and juices when you are about to go spend time in the sun or heat. Not only will it make you feel better, but it will go a long way in preventing you from over-heating.

Last but not least, try to limit strenuous outdoor activity. If you enjoy exercising outdoors, try to do it early in the morning before the heat and sun peaks. Evenings when the sun goes down and it is starting to cool off is also another good time to take walks and exercise outside.

We hope you use these tips to stay safe in the summer heat. For more senior health tips visit us online today. Looking for in-home care services this summer for you or a loved one? Find out how we can help today.