Tips for Seniors to Keep Their Identity Safe

Every year millions of people become victims of identity or financial fraud. With that being said, seniors are one of the highest targets. Criminals will gain their targets’ trust by communicating with them constantly. Some ways are via phone calls, emails, TV, and even radio. Find out how you can keep your identity safe from us at Freedom Home Care!

Why are seniors the most targeted group? In short, they typically tend to be the most trusting and polite amongst age groups. As well as having financial savings, have owned or own a home, and having good credit makes them stand out to scammers.

Common Fraud Schemes:

Romance Scam: Criminals pose as an interested romantic partner on websites to capitalize on one’s desire to find a companion.

Tech Support Scam: The scammers will act as a tech support representative. By doing this, they offer to fix non-existence computer issues- gaining access to saved credit cards on file, etc.

Grandparent Scam: Criminals will act as a relative. Usually a child claiming to be in financial trouble.

Government Impersonation Scam: The scammer and criminals will pose as government officials. As a result, they threaten to arrest you or prosecute you unless you agree to provide funds.

Home Repair Scam: The criminal will appear in-person at the victim’s home and use illegitimate services they never provide.

Family/Caregiver Scam: Relatives or acquaintances of the elderly victims take advantage and try to get the family’s funds.

Protecting Yourself:

Recognizing scam attempts early and ending all communication with the potential scammers immediately is important. Resist the pressure to act quickly. Scammers will create a sense of urgency, immediately turning fear into action.

Make sure all of your computers, smartphones, etc. have anti-virus and security software. Thus ensuring that you will avoid clicking into any suspicious pop-ups.

If you think someone you know might be a victim of elder fraud it is important to contact the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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