At Home Crafts This Summer

Whether it is a rainy day out and you’re looking for something to do, or you are babysitting the grandkids and want to keep them entertained, at home crafts are a great idea to do this summer- especially given the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out our list of at home crafts this summer from all of us at Freedom Home Care!

Not only are at home crafts a fun way to keep busy, there are also a few added health benefits to doing them. When painting, knitting and being creative, you are stimulating your brain and enhancing your cognitive abilities.

Whatever your interests or skills are, there are tons of at home crafts you can take on as a hobby to keep yourself busy this summer.


General Craft Ideas:


  • Suncatchers- Creating sun catchers for your lawn or home is a great summer activity. You can get creative with these by coloring the insides from scratch, or finding a print online.
  • Birdhouses- Constructing a bird house out of wood can be made even easier when you purchase a kit online or at a local craft store. This can be fun with grandkids, allowing them to help with the design of the birdhouses.
  • Greeting Cards- Handmade cards can always be used whether it is for a birthday, graduation, holiday, etc. Get creative with stickers, fabrics, and papers!


Sewing, Knitting, and Crocheting Ideas:


  • Throw Pillows- Adding a splash of color or pattern to your home with these throw pillows could be a lot of fun. You could also use fabric with photos of your grandchildren on it!
  • Book Cover- Protect your favorite book from the heat and pool this summer by knitting your own book covers. While a sewing machine works faster, knitting or crocheting creates a fuller look.
  • Memory Quilt- This is a great way to reuse old materials. You can use things like baby blankets, old shirts, military uniforms, etc. This makes a great gift to remember your loved ones who have passed, or to share with the ones who are still here.


We hope you decide to use some of these at home crafts this summer with you or your loved ones! Looking for Home Health Care in Chicago? Visit us online and learn more about our personalized elder care and home health aid so we can start assisting you!