The Best Pet Companions for Seniors

Different types of pets often have different qualities and requirements for their needs. There are some pets that are ideal for active individuals, or people that are ready for a challenge and commitment. There are other pets that are better for people who may have smaller living conditions, and/or require less exercise. So what pet is best for you or your loved one?

At Freedom Home Care we gathered up a list and made sure we have a pet companion best for all types of living conditions, needs, and personalities. Check it out here!

Dogs for Seniors

For most seniors, they love the idea of having a dog as a furry companion, but know they can’t handle an active and large dog. That is why smaller dogs are the perfect companion for your loved one.

Smaller breeds of dogs typically do not need the large yard space like bigger breeds. Small dogs like cavalier King Charles spaniel, Shih Tzu, or a Maltese are the perfect size. While they are still energetic, they do not require as much walking and exercise like a larger breed.

Cavaliers are typically a quieter dog that does not bark as often or loudly, making it the ideal dog for someone with senior home care or shared housing.

All of these breeds can do well in smaller homes and don’t require big yards and constant exercise. These are also good sizes to be picked up and safely  walked by most seniors.

Cats for Seniors

Cats can make excellent animals for seniors, especially those who may not have the strength or energy every day to take a dog on a walk, etc.

Short haired cats make great pet options for many seniors since they are usually very independent, clean themselves, and are quieter than dogs. Long hair cats require a little bit more maintenance, but any cat is a great option.

Fish for Seniors

A large aquarium may not always be the best idea for a senior citizen to maintain, but smaller tanks or bowls are a great idea for most people to easily manage.

Betta fish are solitary fish that give off much color and detail in their fins. While they are fun to look at, these fish do not require much maintenance and care. There are other small freshwater fish that can make a good pet option as well.

We recommend that your tank size should not go over 10 gallons of water, because anything over that will increase the need of water changes and cleaning. Filters, light, and minimal feeding is required, making it perfect for smaller living spaces or someone with a busy lifestyle.

We hope you find these tips helpful when you or a loved one are deciding what type of pet companion fits best.

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