Shows Seniors Can Enjoy at Home During COVID-19

The past few months of staying in quarantine has really given people the opportunity to try new things. With limited activities, many people have started watching television shows that they might not have considered before.

Are you looking for something new to watch while at home during the pandemic? Check out our list of shows we recommend trying – new programs and potentially old favorites from all of us at Freedom Home Care!


This show takes place almost exclusively in a small basement bar. While it might not seem like the ideal show to binge watch while trapped inside your home, it is a good laugh and something different that other shows.

The show is casual, so you do not need to watch every episode in order to understand what is going on, perfect for when you want something to watch while doing stuff around the house. Another plus to this show is that it will make you laugh and smile a lot, perfect for being inside!

The Golden Girls

Perhaps a more comforting show for seniors to watch at home! This older TV show tends to be more rhythmic, which is harder to find in today’s television shows. The structures to the jokes, cast, and episodes all work together very smoothly and is sure to brighten your day.

The goofy and rememberable jokes are all warm and will bring back some happy memories for you or your loved ones. The friendship alone in the show is worth the watch.

ABC’s The Bachelor Senior Citizen Spinoff

This is definitely a show to watch if you are looking to branch out of your TV comfort zone. While it is not aired on TV just yet, we couldn’t wait to tell you about this ABC show in the works.

“The Bachelor” show has over 40 seasons of bachelors, bachelorettes, and paradise. Branching out into a new category, the show decided to try love in a new way. Instead of casting younger 20s looking for love, the producers wanted to cast seniors who are looking. The cast they were looking to fulfill were Baby Boomers.

Because of recent COVID-19 events, the show is waiting to begin filming until it is safe for the cast to do so. When the filming will begin we are not sure of, but you can expect it to happen in the next coming months.

We hope you try these new shows. You can even get together with your friends or family over Facetime or Skype and start your own TV watch party!

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