Caregiving App Helps Families Communicate Better About Care

Technology has been rapidly evolving and improving the ways we are able to communicate. Now with society coping with challenges brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, communication between families near and far is more important than ever. For those who have a loved one needing special care, a new app is launching that can help streamline things.

Carely is a caregiving app that allows you and the people in your “Care Feed” to communicate your loved ones needs, everyday routines, and organize events and appointments all in one place. It makes communicating with your family and the caregiver easier when people are far away.

This app can be extremely important at a time like today’s pandemic because it helps out in-home care givers and the loved ones family. Because visits might be cut short due to the risk of catching COVID-19, this app goes a long way in making people feel connected to their loved ones.

The care team for your loved one, as well as your family members get full transparency and updates on how your family member is doing when you are not able to see them. The app also helps better organize all that goes into caring for a loved one, and as a home care agency we know how many steps there are.

Not only is this application helpful and can simplify the caregiving experience, but it also adds a meaningful layer of support for yourself and your family. At a time during COVID-19 when visiting loved ones might be limited, this app provides a solution to communication problems brought on by the pandemic.

This app that is launching really goes above and beyond in helping families communicate better about care. For In-home care, communication with the entire family and caregivers is extremely important because you want your loved one to receive the best care. This tool allows you to have excellent communication at a time where in-person communication might not always be possible.

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