Tips on How to Stay Healthy at Home: Physically, Mentally, and Nutritionally

Over the months of the COVID-19 pandemic many of us have been staying at home and doing less activities when it comes to social interaction and exercise. Doing this over a period of time can have a negative impact on your health for many reasons.

With that said, we at Freedom Home Care have put together some advice on how to stay healthy both physically and mentally at home.

Staying Physically Active at Home:

At a time like this, it is really important for people of all ages to stay as active as then can. Even taking a short break from sitting, by completing 3-4 minutes of light intensity movement like walking, stretching, or standing will help ease your muscles and help your blood circulation improve.

Working out consistently will help improve your bone and muscle strength, while increasing balance and flexibility. This can help prevent falls and injuries over a period of consistency.

Staying active everyday can also be a way of staying in contact with your loved ones during this pandemic. Exercise is also good for our mental health because it can reduce the risk of depression and cognitive decline.

Looking Out for Our Mental Health:

While this pandemic has forced us all to make lifestyle changes, it can have quite an impact our mental health. Luckily there are a lot of things we can do to look after our mental health. The first idea is to keep a routine. If you plan your days with similar timing you will start to feel a little better.

Social contact is really important for our mental health. While gatherings might be restricted, find time for smaller gatherings (practicing safely), or phone calls with loved ones. Once you get in a routine of speaking to your friends and family you will begin to feel more “normal” again.

Help others. Often when you are able to help out a family, friend, or even stranger you will feel better as a result of doing so. In a time like this, lending a hand can go a long way.

Healthy Diet:

Eating healthy is very important during the pandemic because it will affect how your body will prevent and fight infections. While it is true, no food or supplements can prevent or cure COVID-19, they do go a long way in supporting the immune system.

Eat a variety of foods including fruits and vegetables. Make sure you are also cutting back on salt in your diet. Most importantly, make sure you are staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

For more tips on how to stay healthy at home, visit our blog at FHC today. In need of at-home care for you or a loved one? Find out more about our homecare services we provide.