What to Gift to Seniors With Memory Loss

Are you looking for a gift for your loved one living with dementia? Freedom Home Care is here to help. With the holidays approaching fast, let your loved one know you are still thinking about them even while social distancing with these 6 great gift ideas! Read more below for the best gifts for the elderly this holiday season.

1.Digital Photo Frame – During this trying time where you may not be able to see your loved one in person, a digital photo frame is the next best thing. A digital photo frame is nice and sleek resembling a regular picture frame to avoid anything too technical for your senior loved one. Most frames can be controlled through an app or website making it simple to upload photos and videos to the frame you’re gifting allowing a hassle-free present this holiday season.

2.DIY Photo Album – Does your loved one prefer something more tangible to look at? Get creative with a homemade photo album! Head to your local Walgreens to print pictures or create a photo book online. If you are a last-minute shopper, some photo books can even be ordered for same day pickup or delivery. A memorable photo album for your family member with memory loss will help to remind them of the special family occasions you shared.

3.One Button Radio – What better way to spread some holiday cheer than with some Christmas music! Music is proven to help those living with dementia by providing emotional and behavioral benefits. There are even radios designed specifically for those living with a memory loss disease with limited controls. With the help of a caregiver, your loved one can listen to their favorite classics with just one touch of a button!

4.Painting/Coloring Book – Painting and drawing helps those living with dementia to express themselves creatively. A simple adult coloring book or painting supplies can help to trigger inactive memories and emotions for your loved one.

5.Tray Puzzles – As quarantine continues, puzzles and art have become a great hobby for everyone. Although large puzzles with hundreds of pieces may be too much for a loved one living with memory loss, we recommend something much simpler like a tray puzzle. Tray puzzles show the outline of each puzzle allowing easy assembly and convenience to complete on a tray while staying in bed or sitting on a couch. They also are beneficial for those with limited hand coordination or arthritis. A tray puzzle is a great idea to help your loved one feel accomplished in completing a task without the hassle of multiple puzzle pieces.

6.Weighted Blanket – A weighted blanket is a perfect gift to help calm the mind and relax those living with memory loss. The holidays can be an anxious time for all, especially for those who cannot physically be with their family. Giving your family member a weighted blanket provides a comforting and calm atmosphere for them. It is almost like being able to hug your loved one from afar providing them with tranquility in times of anxiety or stress.

Finding a gift for a senior loved one with memory loss is not always easy, but we here at Freedom Home Care hope we have you some great ideas! Are you looking for in-home care services for your loved one? Contact us at 1 (847) 433-5788 for more information.