4 Tips to Stop Alzheimer Patients From Wandering This Winter

Are you wondering what to do when Alzheimer’s patients wander? We here at Freedom Home Care have the tips for you. With winter officially here, the cold weather brings light to the issue of those living with Alzheimer’s disease and wandering away from their homes. Alzheimer’s disease can be dangerous all year round, but especially during the winter months. Follow our tips below to help stop your loved one with Alzheimer’s from wondering this season.

Look For Signs of Discomfort

This past year may have caused a lot of confusion for those suffering with a memory loss disease. The holidays looked a little different this year and your loved one may be missing you and other family members. The key is communication. It is important to stay in touch with staff members to keep tabs on your loved one to ensure they are not feeling any sort of discomfort. Giving an extra call or sending a card will help them in not feeling so disconnected after the holidays. Communicating with your loved one and their staff will ensure they are not getting confused or having thoughts of leaving.

Take Safety Precautions

Winter can be a very dangerous time for your loved to be wondering. With temperatures below zero, the best way to ensure your loved ones safety is to take precaution. Speak with a staff member about making modifications to the home. For example, placing alarms on all doors and windows are a great way to immediately get notified if your loved one is trying to leave. Staff can also make door knob adjustments or install motion detectors. This may sound extreme, but it is a great way to keep your loved with Alzheimer’s from wandering in the cold.

Dress Them in Warm and Bright Clothing

A great option to keep your loved one safe in the cold weather is by having warm winter clothes available to them. In the chance that they do wander in the cold, they can stay warm. Perhaps gifting them warm clothing with bright colors such as a red scarf or hat are great options! By dressing your loved one with Alzheimer’s in bright clothing, it will be easier to see them from a distance should they wander.

Safe Return Program

Our final tip is to register your loved one in a safe return program. The Alzheimer’s Association offers a great membership with 24/7 wandering support. Not looking for a membership? You can simply have your loved one where a plain wristband with a phone number of a caregiver or family member written on it. You can also alert your local police department that you have a family member who tends to wander.

It may be difficult to try to put restrictions on your loved one, but it can mean all the difference in saving their life this winter. We at Freedom Home Care offer Alzheimer’s care and support for you and your loved one. You don’t have to worry about taking on this difficult disease by yourself. Let our skilled and compassionate caregivers help you and your family cope with caring for a family member so you can start this year off with keeping your loved one safe.