When Is Elderly Care Necessary?

There may come a time when you notice that your loved one may need assistance in day to day life. You might be wondering – is elderly care necessary? Freedom Home Care and Medical Staffing is here to help. We offer personalized elder care services to fit your family member’s needs. Read more below on elderly care services and how to find elderly care for your loved one.

Signs Your Loved One May Need Help

You may want to consider elder care if you begin to notice your loved one is experiencing difficulty with daily living and activities safely and independently. Daily activities may include cooking, cleaning, shopping, dressing, bathing, driving and taking medications. If you notice your loved one struggling with any or all of these activities, it may be time to consider elder care.

In addition to common daily tasks and activities, there are a number of warning signs your loved one may display or exhibit that may prompt you to seek outside help such as physical, cognitive, and emotional problems.

Physical Signs

Physical problems may come about as your loved one ages and realizes they cannot physically complete tasks they once were able to. It is important to look out for warning signs such as stability, gait, and walking capabilities. Some sensory issues to look out for include loss of hearing, smelling or seeing. In addition to physical and sensory problems, it is also important to remain on top of your family member’s health. Health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis can all pose warning signs that it may be time to consult a professional about elder care.

Cognitive Signs

Although cognitive problems are to be expected as your loved one ages, they also may impair his or her ability to live safely and independently. Some signs that elder care services are needed are memory loss, confusion, forgetting to take medications, and progressive dementia. It is important to take the necessary steps to elder care for your loved one if you see these signs.

Emotional Signs

There are many reasons your loved one may have emotional distress that could pose potential problems in the future. The most common are health problems, loss of a spouse, depression and loneliness. Elder care will not only help your senior loved one physically, but they can also act as a companion. Giving your loved one someone to talk to and see frequently will help with their emotional state of mind.

Our Freedom Home Care staff  believes in providing the most comfortable, in home care possible so that when it is time to consider elder care, having your loved one leave home is the last option. Are you looking for elderly care services or elderly care near me? Contact us at Freedom Home Care so we can help your loved one with exactly what they need.