Meet Freedom Home Care’s Heroes of February!

Meet Lee Austin

Freedom Home Care Hero

After 20 years in hotel management, Lee Austin’s career got cut short when her father had a stroke. She spent the next five years attending to his needs and became a self-taught caregiver, reading everything available to educate her all about caregiving. Her personal experience landed her a live-in caregiving job, where she spent 15 years.

Then, when her kids started having babies, she went back home to care for her seven grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. “I am a people person and always want to help others,” says Lee. “I love keeping busy and they put me up to the challenge, but when they no longer needed me, I started looking for a job.”

Hero of the month

Enter Freedom Home Care. “I became part of the Freedom family in December 2018 and have never looked back. I started working with a hospice patient and became so much a part of their lives that I am now caring for the widowed spouse, being invited to family holidays and even a part of their gift exchanges!  It’s a joy to become an integral part of my clients’ families, knowing I can make them comfortable in their home.  It means the world to me to have found Freedom in more ways than one.”

“Lee’s level of compassion for her clients is top notch. She is reliable and contentious. Her heart is as big as her smile and she treat her clients like gold. ”

-The staff at Freedom Home Care


Meet Connie Shannon

February Hero FHC

I am honored to be a part of this beautiful journey called Life.  Life is a big puzzle, we must find the piece of the puzzle and ask the Almighty God where do we fit in to make sure someone who is going through a difficult time is able to get through that difficult with the warm heartfelt love god, with a beautiful smile on their face. Our job is to make sure that this hurting world truly knows that they are loved and we care about them as a human being.  I am truly honored because we care about every client.

-Connie Shannon

“I’ve had the opportunity to work directly with Connie with a couple of our clients and she is a joy to work with. I enjoy collaborating with her on the plans of care and she’s very dedicated to providing a high level of attention to whatever tasks are required. She doesn’t just apply her nursing clinical skills, she also takes opportunities to coach staff and is good at building a rapport with our clients with a gentle approach. Connie is great example of what community health is about and I’m proud to be on a team with her.”

-The staff at Freedom Home Care