5 Ways to Entertain Your Senior Loved One

Your senior loved one may be getting impatient indoors. If you are looking for ideas to keep your loved one busy, we have 5 great tips to help provide entertainment for seniors. Check out our entertainment ideas for seniors below.

Entertainment Ideas:

Spend Time Outdoors

With nicer weather finally here, there’s no better way to entertain your senior loved one than by heading outside and soaking up some vitamin D. There are many outdoor activities we at Freedom Home Care think they will love! To name a few, going on a walk, fishing, having a BBQ, and visiting local parks are a great way to get your senior to enjoy the outdoors.


After a long day outside, your senior will love getting cozy on the couch and reading a good book. Perhaps recommending a series to them will help get them hooked and keep them entertained for weeks. Some seniors with dementia have difficulty focusing on reading, so a great idea is to read aloud to them. Reading aloud provides mental stimulation, helps them gain new knowledge and exercise their imagination.

Cooking or Baking

Kitchen related tasks are great entertainment for seniors. Baking alone could take hours and is an excellent way to bond with your elderly loved one. It’s also a great way to get the grandkids involved by having them help mix the batter or decorate cookies!

Game Time

Puzzles, board games and cards are great options to keep your senior loved one entertained. You can even organize a weekly game night in person or through a video call! Games and activities help older individuals by stimulating parts of the brain related to recall, pattern recognition, and short-term memory. The movement of the game board pieces can also help fine motor skills and manual dexterity.


Spring is the perfect time to start that garden you’ve been longing for. Gardening can not only be time consuming, but it also can be very beneficial for your aging loved one. It also helps reduce stress, anxiety, benefits your physical health and has also been proven to help lower your risk of dementia.

Freedom Home Care Can Help

Keeping your senior loved one entertained is a great benefit for their mental and physical health. Ensuring seniors living with Alzheimer’s or dementia stay busy with plenty of activities can spark old memories, and even help to create new ones!  For more information regarding dementia, Alzheimer’s or in-home care, reach out to us today at Freedom Home Care.