Why Our Caregivers Love to Work with Freedom Home Care

We at Freedom Home Care love our Freedom family. From personalized elder care to Alzheimer’s care, our passionate and certified caregivers deliver trustworthy in-home care services. Check out some of our Freedom Heroes below to learn more about our employee reviews.

Freedom Heroes

Each month Freedom Home Care highlights an employee(s) for their tremendous work with the company. It also allows our staff to have a voice and express their love for working with Freedom Home Care. Read about what some of our staff has to say:

  • Evgenia Valkanova – “I am so proud to be a part of this Freedom family, especially when I hear all the positive comments from facility managers and clients about how recognized, reliable and responsive Freedom and its employees are. It makes me motivated to go above and beyond my call of nursing duties and spread the word about Freedom to continue to grow its business.”
  • Olalekan Shoremekun – “This is not just a job for me. I love what I do and building trusting relationships with my clients and treating them as family.”
  • Lee Austin – “I became part of the Freedom family in December 2018 and have never looked back. I started working with a hospice patient and became so much a part of their lives that I am now caring for the widowed spouse, being invited to family holidays and even a part of their gift exchanges!  It’s a joy to become an integral part of my clients’ families, knowing I can make them comfortable in their home.  It means the world to me to have found Freedom in more ways than one.”

We are proud to employ an array of dedicated team members. You can read more about our staff’s stories under our news section and can check out April’s Freedom Heroes.

Are You Looking for a Career in Healthcare?

At Freedom Home Care and Medical Staffing, we pride ourselves on our dedicated staff that makes the lives of many comfortable and happy.  We believe that great care starts with our employees, which is why we offer great benefits and experience. Apply for a position today by visiting our “apply now” tab under careers or by clicking here.