What You Should Know About the COVID Vaccination

As of May 2021, over 200 million people have been vaccinated for the Coronavirus in the United States. Though there are many myths and speculations surrounding the vaccine, there are also facts that the CDC have released regarding the COVID vaccine. These facts include where to get it, and what to expect. Check out what you should know about the COVID-19 vaccine below.

  1. Is the COVID vaccine safe?

According to the CDC, the COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective! There may be side effects of the vaccine. These side effects that may even cause illness. But studies show that the vaccine prevents you from getting the virus. Studies also how that it prevents you from getting seriously ill from the virus.

  1. Is the COVID vaccine free?

Yes! The vaccine is free of charge to all people living in the United States. Vaccine providers cannot charge you for the vaccine, nor deny vaccination to anyone who does not have health insurance coverage. They also cannot deny vaccination to those that are out of network or charge an office visit if the only service provided was the COVID-19 vaccination. According to the CDC, providers CAN seek appropriate reimbursement from the recipient’s plan or program (for example, private health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid) for a vaccine administration fee.

  1. Can you get COVID-19 from the vaccine?

Although the side effects from the vaccine may make you feel like you are developing the Coronavirus, you can rest assured that you can NOT get COVID-19 from the vaccine. The vaccine may cause flu-like symptoms but they should subside in a few days. Some side effects to look out for are tiredness, headaches or chills. If your symptoms last more than a few days, contact a healthcare provider. You can also inform one of our certified caregivers and they can help walk you through what to expect after getting vaccinated.

  1. Where Can I Get Vaccinated?

The COVID vaccine is becoming readily available to many throughout the country. You can get the vaccine at your doctor’s office, retail pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics that offer COVID-19 vaccinations. To find where to get your COVID-19 vaccine, search where to get the vaccine or call 1-800-232-0233 to find locations near you.

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