June’s Freedom Home Care Heroes!

It’s time to announce the Heroes of the Month for June! We are so thankful to have so many outstanding employees who continue to go above and beyond in their roles here at Freedom Home Care. But this month we particularly want to recognize two stand out employees, Kenny and Ricardo! Learn more about them below.


Meet Rendani “Kenny” Mulaudzi

June Hero of the Month

We are so excited to announce that Rendani “Kenny” Mulaudzi was nominated as caregiver of the month. He is a free-lance journalist who realized he really enjoyed making a difference when he dedicated his time taking care of his loved ones. Kenny said when he found out how good he was at taking care of others, he knew it was the perfect calling for him. He then decided to become a caregiver to help others. Kenny enjoys caregiving so much that he later decided to educate himself further and he became a Personal Care Assistant and a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Kenny knows it takes a special person to take care of others when they are suffering from illness or a health set back. He always puts his heart and soul into every client. Often, Kenny is placed with Hospice clients, and he is always a wonderful caregiver to help during the last stages of life. Always, Kenny is able to help console families at this time of need. He was even selected to care for the owner’s family when they needed care for a loved one. He graciously thanks Freedom Home Care for this opportunity.

Here Is What One Family Had to Say About Kenny

“Rendani “Kenny” Mulaudzi recently cared for a gentleman in Highland Park. The family said he is a gem and should be nominated as Freedom Home Cares Caregiver of the Year.  They could not say enough positive things about how he cared for their loved one.  His professionalism and expertise were always noticed. “He continuously was able to connect with our family and make sure our father was safe. He helped our father recover and we could not have made it through this time without him.”


Meet Ricardo A. Somentac, LPN

June Hero of the Month

We are so happy to have Ricardo A. Somentac, LPN on our Freedom Home Care team! He recently worked as a nurse for a hospice client.  The Lake Forest family raved about how he was so professional, and he always knew how to manage their loved one’s symptoms. The family was so grateful that he was there for their father during his last days.

About Ricardo

Rick is passionate and has been caring for people for 15 years.  Before he came on board at Freedom Home Care, he worked in Skilled Nursing Facilities. He really enjoys taking care of elderly people and loves to be a team player. Ricardo feels that “Freedom Home Care gave [him] a new beginning, a whole new set-up and a new challenge”. He loves what he is doing.  Home nursing, one on one care, hospice clients and most of all as a visiting nurse doing wellness checks are things he loves. Ricardo said he is always learning, improving his skills and is always respected in any place he goes when they know that he is from Freedom Home Care. In his free time, he loves spending time with his beautiful family.  He has 4 boys and has been happily married for 15 years to his wife Eva. His oldest son and his wife are nurses as well!

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