How to Have a COVID Safe Holiday Season

Longing to Return to Normal

Over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic it is safe to say that the availability of safe and effective vaccines has decreased the instances of COVID-19. Many are eager to return to normal celebrations with family and friends. However, COVID is not yet eradicated and with the increase of variants it is important to still remember safety guidelines to ensure the spread of illness is not part of this holiday season.


Remember Smaller is Safer and Ventilation is Key

Gathering in a small group will decrease the risk of transmitting COVID to your family and loved ones. This can be a challenge but doing so will only make for a healthier experience for all. Enclosed spaces are the main source of spread for COVID. The more time is spent indoors the more risk there is in transmitting COIVD. However, simply improving ventilation and keeping the air circulating will decrease risk for everyone. Do this by opening windows and running fans.


If Inviting Non-Household Members

If non-household members are invited to your celebration it might be a good idea to suggest COVID tests are taken ahead of time. There are many home kits available. Considering people who have COVID can be asymptomatic it never hurts to take a test and be extra sure. This will only lead to a greater celebration and higher comfort levels among guests.


Get Vaccinated

It is never too late to get a COVID vaccination. Before the holidays is as good a time as any to ensure times of high congregation don’t result in times of high transmission. Anyone ages 5 years and older are eligible to be vaccinated against COVID. Furthermore, booster shots are available as well. The CDC approved vaccines have proven safe and effective against COVID, most especially against sever illness, hospitalization, and death. If you’re considering traveling during this holiday season then definitely make sure to have your vaccination. Traveling can be safe for those that are vaccinated but those who have not gotten the shots should delay travel. If you’ve tested positive or are sick then the CDC says not to travel, but rather to wait until the isolation period is over.



Whether on trains, planes, or other modes of transportation wearing a mask is always encouraged, if not required. Make sure to check mask requirements before traveling to a new location. Exposure to strangers is a high-risk factor as COVID could be caught in these areas of high congestion and then brought into the safe home of family or friends.


Enjoy the Holiday Season

Make sure to enjoy the holiday season with friends and family and to understand the comfort level of your family members. All the above precautions will ensure a safe and fun holiday season. While COVID concerns have decreased with the widespread vaccination against it there are still variants, such as Delta and Omicron, that will continue to cast a cloud on this holiday season. Unless, caution is headed! If everyone does what they can then the holiday season will be filled with cheer, warmth, hugs, and family!