Staying Active During Winter

Winter Often Takes a Toll on Exercise Levels

Winter stretches longer than it seems and without realizing activity levels take a dip. When it’s too cold to be exercising outside, it’s important to remember there are still plenty of creative options to stay active indoors. This article will outline a few indoor exercise ideas to incorporate during the winter in order to stay active and healthy.


Indoor, Low Resource Options

Taking a stroll outside when the weather is nice is a low resource option. To replace this activity during the winter can be difficult so here are a few exercise options that are specifically low material. If you are already listening to Christmas tunes then go ahead and turn the listening party into a dance party. Whether alone or with family and friends it is a simple way to crank up the music and intentionally enter into a cardio workout. Without realizing this will get your heart rate going and make the indoors a place of easy access exercise. Another example of this is to do living room workouts with YouTube videos, exercise DVD’s, or another streaming service that streams exercise videos. This can require no equipment or dumbbells or resistance bands. Others can join in as well! Another creative idea is turning chores into a game. When wiping counters incorporate a few arm presses, when dusting try and do five squats after each piece of furniture is dusted.


Indoor Exercises at a Gym

During the winter is a great time to take advantage of an indoor gym. While there are plenty of exercise classes, hot yoga, regular yoga, spin class, rowing, and tai chi are great options. Some of these can even be found on a streaming service and done at home. But if an in-person experience is your preference than most gyms have these slow moving but high health impact classes. Tai chi for example is a low impact exercise that combines slow movements with deep breathing techniques. It can improve cardiovascular health, reduce stress and anxiety, ease back pain, and improve balance. Perhaps one of the best total health exercises to keep in mind this winter is swimming. While this does require a pool it the easiest on the body than other exercises and it incorporates good breathing habits, stretching, which reduces stiffness, and other total body impacts, such as reducing back and joint pains.


Freedom Home Care Can Help

Whatever your exercise preference might be this winter feel free to get creative with family and friends or tap into Freedom Home Care’s personalized caregivers as a resource to help set a workout up at home. Staying active is important during the winter, so even if you’re stuck at home or indoors, don’t forget that a workout can happen anytime, anywhere.