Highland Park Activities This February

The Highland Park area has no shortage of activities to participate in for fun, educational, or health purposes!


February Doesn’t Freeze Events

The ground may be frozen outside, and everything may seem slower after the holiday season, but there are still plenty of activities around! There are outdoor and indoor activities in and around Highland Park for people of all ages.


Highland Park Senior Center

The Senior Center website has a catalog and full calendar of activities you can sign up for. Browse the options and you’ll be very likely to find an activity that appeals to you. Activities start from the more expected such as arts and crafts, exercise, workshops, meals, card games, and board games. There are also activities for the more adventurous from day trips to concerts. With multiple activities every weekday, you are bound to find something!


Highland Park Public Library

Your local library hosts a variety of in person and digital events. To list just a few events there are story times, book discussions, books sales, sports talks, learning Spanish, and crafts such as the Valentine’s Day monsters. The Valentine’s Day Yarn Monster is a fun craft for young ones and is available all day, everyday until Valentine’s. Take a look at their calendar for the full list of events and when each is happening!


Freedom Home Care

Our own Vitamin Giveaway event is coming up on Monday, February 14th and Tuesday, the 15th from 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M both days. All are welcome to stop by and grab some vitamins to keep you healthy this winter. We will also be hosting a raffle prize entry at the vitamin event. Special prizes include Sunset Foods gift card and other fun giveaways. At the event, you can also learn about Freedom Home Care for a loved one or for employment opportunities. Stay tuned for more events in the future!


Events For All

The various events hosted by the Public Library, the Senior Center, and Freedom Home Care offer a wide range of fun activities and events. Young children to seniors can find an activity for their age range. There are available events that can pique anyone’s interest and get them engaged in the community. Keep yourself occupied with good times in your community this snowy February!