The Pros of Home Health Care Over Assisted Living

When it’s Time to Address Greater Care for Loved Ones

How best to care for older adults becomes an increasingly pressing question for loved ones and caretakers. Whether health care is needed because an elder is recovering from injury or dealing with the aging process the desire to stay at home is almost universal. Even if another kind of health care situation will be needed, home health care is a comfortable way to transition to more active and involved help and health care. It’s meeting those in need of home health care where they are at: at home.


Pros of Home Health Care

When considering care the two most highly considered options are home health care and assisted living. There are many pros to home health care. With home health care there are the following advantages:

  1. Greater independence – this allows for continued everyday tasks and life with minimal interruption
  2. Safety, comfort, convenience, and companionship – elderly adults recover fast and with fewer complications at home than in the hospital. It is easier for family and friends to visit elderly loved ones at home than at a hospital or assisted living.
  3. Relief for family caregivers – home health aides can help with bathing, dressing, and other daily tasks. This relieves some of the burden placed on family caregivers. The home health team can be a bridge between home and health care. Such as, when to when to follow up with health care concerns and provide helpful resources.
  4. Prevents avoidable trips to the hospital – home care professionals provide regular monitoring and education, which gives patients 24/7 attention to symptoms and avoids preventable hospital visits.
  5. Saves money – avoiding unnecessary trips to the hospital saves money. Home health care costs are covered by Medicare as well as Medicare Advantages payor and private insurance for eligible patients.
  6. High quality – home health care is grounded in evidence-based practices and standards of care that emphasize right care at the right time, which is best observed in the home care environment.
  7. Personalized care – personalized elder care is inherent to the kind of one on one care in home health care. Home health care provides A lot of attention and tailored plans specific to patient needs.
  8. Team of professionals – home health care has access to certified caregivers, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, aides, and more. Teams are screened and trained. This team of professionals means a wide range of services.


Home Health Care and Recognizing When It’s Time

While assisted living would have a difference in community available as well as further reduce the need to think about and coordinate the care of an elderly loved one, home health care can be just as accessible, especially with Freedom Home Care. Freedom Home Care has a wide variety of specialized services and medical staffing serving Chicago and surrounding areas. Whether assisted living or in-home care, signs it’s time to make the transition are when there is concern for the safety and health of a loved one, when the needs surpass the ability of those currently in the role of caregiver.