Meet The Clients: Jacques E Chevalier

Back on St. Patrick’s day we were able to visit Jacques E Chevalier, one of our long time clients. He is 95 years old and one of the most sincere and caring people we have ever met. He talked about how much Freedom Home Care has helped him to be taken care of or to simply smile. According to him, Freedom Home Care is so amazing because of the individuals within. The people are why it has been such a pleasant experience for him.









Jacques told us some fascinating events from his life, including: going to war in Japan, being a best man, finding love, and having a great life that he is super grateful for. You can watch the whole story below, but you can really tell how much he appreciates everything and everyone he has had in his life. He wants everyone watching to take away his message of treasuring your loved ones above all else. As well as just be kind to others and help them when you can. With him that day was his great god son Charlie, the two enjoy spending time together. Watch Jacques tell his story


He spoke a lot about his amazing late wife, Charlotte, and how they were destined to be together. They even had the exact same birthday! They travelled the world together and she had amassed quite the collection of items from both near and far. Pictured below you can see some of this collection.











We Love Our Clients

At Freedom Home Care, we absolutely love getting the chance to talk to our clients like this. Anyone can contact us with anything they’d like to ask or share. Jacques was one of the sweetest people we had ever met and hearing his story was incredible. It’s always great to hear that Freedom Home Care and our in-home care has improved a client’s life, by taking care of them and by giving them someone to talk to and make them smile! We hope for the chance to talk to more fascinating clients soon. Thank you Jacques, for your time and inspiration.