Hydrate This Summer with Fruit Infused Water

Getting Creative with Summer Hydration

The summer is just starting to heat up so it’s important to hydrate now more than ever. A fun way to remember to hydrate is by making fruit infused water. While the delicious flavor and fun colors and combinations may seem like the only reason to drink fruit infused water, there are actually tangible health benefits associated with it. Set aside the juice, soda, and sugary drinks and grab a refreshing glass of fruit infused water!


What’s the deal with Fruit Infused Water?

Water infused with fresh citrus fruits, vegetables, and herbs is also known as detox water. While infusing or squeezing certain fruits might add nutritional value to water, it is actually the fact that people drink more water when they drink fruit infused water that makes it so healthy. Infusion makes water more appealing. Furthermore, fruit infused water gets some of the electrolytes from the fruit. Electrolytes are minerals that help your body actually absorb the water you’re drinking. This makes each sip more effective at hydrating your body than a sip without fruit infusion!


Avoid Dehydration and Weight Gain

People regularly experience mild dehydration because of busy schedules, this is exacerbated even more during the summer if people don’t adjust how much water they drink with how hot it is outside. A study published by the Journal Physiology and Behavior found that “reluctant drinkers” consumed 159% more water when flavor was added. Dehydration reduces brain function and energy but can also lead to immediate side effects like diarrhea, vomiting, fever, heat injury, seizures, and more. If weight is a struggle as well then fruit infused water can help by keeping your body functioning properly and avoiding sugary drink alternatives.


Quick Tips to Get Started

Fruit infused water is even easy to make. Here’s a quick recipe: fill a pitcher of water and mix it in with a fruit or herb of your choice (more fruit will make the flavor stronger). Lemons are high in antioxidants and aid in digestion. Mint leaves help with digestion and can improve energy and brain function. Cucumbers have high amounts of antioxidants and help lower blood pressure. Ginger helps with nausea and digestion. The fruit can stay in the water for up to 12 hours, but if you remove it after 4-12 hours then your detox water can last up to 3 days in the fridge. Also take note not to always stick to citrus infused water because too much of this can erode tooth enamel.


Anyone Can Make It and Drink It

Anyone can make fruit infused water, whether it’s yourself or a caretaker. It’s also good for children, parents, and elderly people. Fruit infused water can be made in large quantities and shared so go ahead and get started or ask a certified caregiver or family member to make it for you.