Manager of the Month: Jenanne Rock


I’m so excited to be able to start to share more information with you all….on the team at Freedom Home Care! Thanks to our all our amazing staff (YOU) our caregivers and nurses and the dedicated office staff that supports our day to day business we are growing and have experienced an amazing 26 years in business.

When I started at Freedom Home Care 16 years ago, there were 5 of us working out of a house. We all answered phones, staffed cases, met with clients, interviewed, hired staff and marketed our own successes. Licensure did not even exist in Illinois. I was single, had no kids and was commuting from Chicago.

A lot has changed since then.

I have been fortunate to see and participate in the work to grow this agency from one location serving 30 clients to now managing and overseeing the care of our clients and staff at 4 additional satellite locations, maintaining 3 separate licenses for care: Home Services, Home Nursing and Medical Staffing and working hard to expand our education and practical skills and training for our staff. Our goal with training is to be able to add more Certified Nursing Assistants to our workforce and increasing the number of nurses providing care in the home and supporting our facility partners with a consistent pool of supplemental staffing. We are coordinating partnerships and an amazing skills lab in Vernon Hills to ensure we have a way to provide hands on training and practical skills to our staff.

The best part about working in this sector of healthcare is that we have the ability to provide services and programs that are needed. We can respond quickly to needs that exist in our community. There are so many examples of this over the years, but COVID, is certainly the largest scale I have seen of an immediate need, followed by an immediate response and implementation of the services required. In a matter of weeks, we changed our whole system of communication, implemented safety measures, tracking systems and provided support to individuals and families who needed to stay in their own home safely. While at the same time we ramped up our staff, increased support to them and provided key PPE and staffing support to facilities who were struggling to keep staff healthy and working. In addition we forged partnerships with COVID testing labs, hosted many of our own Vaccine clinics for our staff, clients and community and educated our staff on proper protocols and safety for working with COVID positive patients.

Thanks to our staff, we continue to respond to needs in the community everyday – whether it’s providing transportation to individuals (even our own staff and employees) who need help after an out-patient procedure, or providing key transitions home from hospital and rehab settings, we are providing key support to individuals and families during critical healthcare transitions.

There have been so many changes within the healthcare industry over the years. There are so many needs and gaps within the healthcare continuum. We are ever committed to supporting individuals and families through this continuum and filling in the gaps that exist.

My philosophy and values stem from years of working in the nonprofit and community based sector, prior to working at Freedom. I have lived and worked in Milwaukee, Washington DC, Wilmington, Delaware, Hawaii and now my home of 13 years in Highland Park, IL. I am grateful to be able to work in the community where I reside and work to raise 3 kids with 3 very busy schedules. I love my job and am thankful every day for the staff that serve our clients!!!

I look forward to you getting to meet the rest of our management team in the coming months and please let us know any feedback! We are here to help!