Meet The Clients: Robert Jones

Robert Jones is a very prolific and talented client of ours! We recently got to sit down with him and hear his life story, which was fascinating.

An Entertainer

It turns out that Robert is a bit of a local celebrity! He was the original Ronald McDonald of Illinois. He loves bringing smiles to the faces of children. Robert’s general advice to younger people is to “follow your bliss”. He wants everyone to follow their dreams and find their happiness.

Ronald McDonald

A Writer

Robert is an author who started writing when he was 12 years old. He was published in multiple books. We were lucky enough to hear him recite one of his verses:

I will find you in the silence.

I will find you in the light.

I will find you in the air I breathe.

I’ll find you when things aren’t right

Not only did he write, but he was also a cartoonist. He even created some comic strips and cartoons during our visit with him!


And More

Robert also ran a bed and breakfast for years. This bed and breakfast was featured in a book about the romance in country inns. The book talked about how inviting the home was and how much they enjoyed the decorating throughout. Then Robert revealed his musical side! He is a drummer who favors Jazz. Unfortunately we didn’t get to hear him play, but if his other talents are any indication, he would be able to put on quite the show!

We Love Our Clients

At Freedom Home Care, we absolutely love getting the chance to talk to our clients like this. Our certified caregivers love hearing these stories. Anyone can contact us with anything they’d like to ask or share. Robert has done and accomplished so much. It’s always great to hear what Freedom Home Care clients do for fun and what’s important to them. Thank you Robert, for your time and bringing us through your eventful life!