Manager of the Month: Patti Cannella

Congratulations Patti Cannella – Our Manager of the Month!

Patti has been with Freedom Home Care for 25 years as our Staffing Director. She began her career working at Dun and Bradstreet, switched gears to work at Excellcare, and then came to Freedom Home Care (lucky us!) She has two wonderful sons; Alexander who is 27 years old and Christopher who is 24 years old. Her husband, Rick, is the love of her life. They have been together for 16 years and married for 10. She loves dogs and has a German Shepherd, Major, who is 8 years old and also has two puppies, Charlie and Bella, which were recently welcomed to the family. Patti’s husband had a job transfer a few years ago, which moved them from their hometown in Illinois to Georgia. While she loves the southern weather, she really misses all of Chicago’s amazing restaurants!

When she reflects on her years working at Freedom Home Care, she treasures the relationships she has formed with the staff and clients. She’s seen the care that Freedom provides to the clients and working at Freedom for so many years has helped her understand her own family’s medical needs and how to best handle them. In her spare time, Patti loves spending time with friends and family including her two younger sisters that she is very close with. She is grateful that both of her parents are alive and doing well, and is thankful that they’ve taught her how to be a great wife, mother, friend and employee. In her words, “they are my role models.” Patti, you are our role model! Thank you for being part of the Freedom Home Care team for so many years. We are so lucky to have you!